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Harmony Pointe Phase II Completed Improved Example of The Marsh Series

We recently completed Phase II of Harmony Pointe, The Marsh Course.  It is significantly better and shows the thoughtful use of space, use of different turfs, visual impact of coquina, and the addition of 6 new tees for a total of 13 tees.  Of course, shots can be hit from anywhere on the turf fairways.

This phase added an additional 2,200 sq ft. of a variety of SofGrass turfs, including:

“Turfing” one of the driveways, adding 66’ in length and 15’ in width with SuperLawn 65. This was done to both show a fairway effect, but also to showcase what lawn replacement would look like using the evergreen color turf. It requires no water or mowing and looks perfect everyday.
Inserting a strip 3’ wide of SofGrass Play down the middle of the turfed driveway to enhance the fairway look. Since it has a lower pile height than SuperLawn 65, it gives a great effect.
Adding two elevated 5’ X 5’ Fairway Mat fixed tees and lengthening the sand trap next to the fairway by 20’.
Replacing Rye Blend product in areas where the slopes coming off the green were the more severe with the premium product, SuperLawn 65. The plusher product will work better in those areas.
Along the water, between the pool and the seawall, adding 450 sq ft of SofGrass Play with two fixed tees and one portable tee.
Replacing existing mulch around the pool and waterfront with coquina.
Covering the drainage retention area and walkway to the smaller green on The Pointe with coquina.
Continued replanting native Spartina grasses in the wetlands to regain the native look.

The additions show what homeowners can do to improve their yard’s appearance as well as demonstrating what golfers can do to add interesting shots to their greens.

Here are the yardages I shot with a laser to each pin location on both greens from all tee positions.  Since these greens are encased in 3’ concrete walls for storm surge as Harmony Pointe is on the edge of the Gulf, the phrase “to front” means to the front wall, just as it would be at #17, the island green at TPC at Sawgrass.   The shots from the Private Rd to the large green are most interesting as the greens are fronted and backed by water…you are on the green or you re-tee.  And any shot to the small green is the same…you are on, or you are hitting 3.

The coquina is stunning.  When I mentioned it to Terry LaGree, the architect, he reminded me it was in his original design, which I had deviated from.

You can see how many interesting shots are available to a player.  Hopefully, my short game improves in ’09!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I never realized how much fun having friends over to compete would be.  I’ll be hosting the ’09 Invitational in the next week… it promises to be a great event.   I have the greens rolling at 11 but they still hold shots great!!  Check out the new playability video that will be added to the Shootout at Chris DiMarco’s with Fulton Allem winning.    These greens enable Harmony Links Golf to offer “The Next Generation Course.”  http://www.harmonylinksgolf.com.


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